2024 International Conference on Smart City and Information System (ICSCIS 2024)
Call For Papers

2024 International Conference on Smart City and Information System (ICSCIS 2024) topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Ⅰ.智慧城市 Smart City

城市网格化管理 Smart Grid

智能应急管理 Smart Emergency Management

智能制造 Smart Manufacturing

智慧城市技术 Smart City Technology

空间信息技术 Spatial Information Technology

智慧城市的信息通信技术(ICT) Smart City Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

智慧城市的物联网 Smart City Internet of Things

云计算与物联网 Cloud Computing and Internet of Things

移动计算 Mobile Computing

无线通信 Wireless Communication

5G 5G

虚拟组织和远程工作 Virtual Organization and Remote Work

智慧城市的软件技术 Smart City Software Technology

信息系统 Information System

模式识别与装置 Mode Recognition and Devices

信息系统与安全 Information Systems and Security

实时信号与处理 Real-time Signal and Processing

光通信 Optical Communication

无线网络通信技术 Wireless Network Communication Technology

信息管理系统 Information Management Systems

5G 通信与信号处理 5G Communication and Signal Processing

5G应用技术 5G Technology Application

智能通信开发与软件开发 Development of Intelligent Communication and Software

通讯安全和隐私 Communication Security and Privacy

物联网(IoT) Internet of Things (IoT)

雷达工程 Radar Engineering

Ⅲ. 其他相关主题 Other Related Topics